Welcome To Hiho!

We’re sure you are aware of the important role that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) plays in the future of our Tri-Cities community.

We know our region is raising the leaders of tomorrow, and we want them to be inspired by these concepts that are so alive and present in many industries right here in the Tri-Cities.

Unfortunately, however, the chance for a hands-on learning environment is often lacking. We remain without a children’s museum that can motivate, challenge and stimulate our youth, while at the same time entertain. These concepts have driven our team to create a dream for a facility that can offer all those things… and more.

Non-profit Organization

Hands In for Hands On (HiHo) Tri-Cities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization sponsored by the Three Rivers Community Foundation.

Our goal is to establish and provide ongoing support for a permanent hands on children’s facility in the Tri-Cities.

Our ability to bring this exhibit and future exhibits, perhaps eventually a full-fledged museum, are possible through the generosity of donations from local companies and individuals who believe in the mission of HiHo.